Some Important Tips For Event Planners

How to Successful For Event Planners

You have been tapped to order your next company off-site event. Your first thought is maybe to panic; well, do not. A few of the people who make their living as event planners would doubtless like you to believe that it takes special ability to throw together a significant event. Well, it just isn’t so. Anybody with a hint of imagination, patience, and organizational ability, can organize and run an event that’ll be the discussion of the office for a long while.

The very first major step after the theme has been decided

Or as occurs more frequently than not, allotted – is to choose the location (often a hotel or conference center) and negotiating a package that may not bust your event budget. The old ticker palpitating again? Cut it out! It isn’t as tough as you could think.

Actually, bargaining with hotel executives is simpler than getting your kids to scrub their rooms. Here are some useful tips for getting the best deals from hotels. Pick a hotel that has got a meeting center, or that does major events : right off the bat, this guarantees you’ll be coping with execs who understand how to support and stage events, and they will have what you have to make your event work successfully. Additionally, they desire your business, and their reputation relies on giving value for their clients.

Make an in-depth agenda

This ought to include the quantity of people attending, the duration, and the events planned or desired. This aids the hotel in developing a price list, and is step 1 in the negotiating process. Look for package deals: if you are arranging a multi-day event, particularly if it is out of the town, and you can guarantee a particular number of room nights, many hotels are prepared to offer some services (nibbles, coffee, etc) free. If they do not offer it straight away, do not be shy about counseling it; each greenback saved counts.

Offer to provide some of your own apparatus: If your event will include lectures or audio-visual displays, and you can bring your own projectors, PCs and screens, it saves the hotel the cost of providing it, and can get you further deductions. Minimise last-minute agenda changes: Changes cause increased effort, trouble, and finally cost.

Know going in what you need, and try to adhere to the plan. Hotel bosses like to work with individuals that are clear in their expectancies, and who are kind with the demands they put on hotel staff. Do not be shy about making an attempt to bargain. Letting the hotel know a good deal could mean future business will put the executive in a mind-set that leads to a superior deal. Do not forget, the manager’s objective is to draw in business – not just one off events, but long term clients also.

One last note

do not be miserly with praise and compliments before, during and following the event. Everybody likes to feel appreciated. These easy steps can help ensure you, as the event planner, will be appreciated.

Gina Jessop
Written by: Gina Jessop

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