Get Positive Feng Shui, Clear Clutter and Organise your work environment or home

Get Positive Feng Shui, Clear Clutter and Organise your work environment or home

Feng shui is based on the theory that the five elements influence our surroundings and are linked in a cycle. The five elements are fire, earth, metal, water and wood. These represent difference types of Chi energy. In feng shui it is said that clutter is very bad for the flow of chi energy, as the chi gets stuck in piles of clutter, effecting the energy around your work environment or home.

Managing your clutter can create positive feng shui, when a cluttered environment obstructs the flow of chi, this can impact on the prosperity and goodness in your life. However, many people are unable to manage their clutter effectively. Everyday we accumulate things we rarely use, or often hang on to possessions that we have no intention of using. This article will give you some tips to help organise or reduce clutter, thus inviting good feng shui.

One of the top clutter culprits is incoming letters. Unanswered mail and bills can be stressful enough, but when these are stashed away around the work environment or home, this soon builds up and creates clutter. Always open and screen your mail, categorize and create a system. This should be the case for all paperwork that you are holding onto. Make sure paperwork that is not needed is thrown away. Regularly sort through filed papers to check if any are no longer required.

Get Positive Feng Shui, Clear Clutter and Organise your work environment or home
Get Positive Feng Shui, Clear Clutter and Organise your work environment or home

Regular cleaning can create good feng shui. If you haven’t been able to keep on top of your cleaning on a regular basis, clutter, dust and dirt may have mounted up. Try cleaning one room at a time. Once you have effectively accomplished the cleaning of your work environment or home, be sure to schedule a cleaning regime on a regular basis. The task of keeping clutter and dirt away will become easier if you keep on top of it.

Find ways to free yourself of items you no longer use, they could be given away, or even sold on. Be ruthless when sorting out overflowing cupboards and drawers. Charity shops regularly mail drop bags that can be filled with items and left outside for collection. This will give you the opportunity to free yourself of clutter easily and effectively.

When working on any project, try to keep work stations as clear as possible and not to leave things lying around. This will help you work more productively, and give you better opportunity to start on the next project.

Try to streamline the rest of your belongings. Develop a system for how things are dealt with, the use of storage boxes, shoe organisers and underbed storage bags can all be helpful. Try not to over fill cupboards and drawers. If you have clothing in your wardrobe that needs new buttons or repairing in some way, put these in a separate area. This will remind you that these jobs need doing, and allow space in your wardrobe for the clothes you can wear.

When your work environment or home is more organised and clutter has been removed, you will find this has a beneficial effect on your general feeling of wellbeing.

Gina Jessop
Written by: Gina Jessop